1/2" Fluid Ports 670042


  • Designed specifically for dispensing petroleum-based fuel
  • Compatible with gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, aviation fuel, fuel oil and unleaded fuel
  • Used for high-volume transfer, bulk-unloading or refueling applications
  • Includes a pressure relief valve (per U.L. Specification 79) which restricts the fluid outlet pressure to less than 50 p.s.i. (3.5 bar).

How It Works

  • To meet UL-79 specification, a pressure relief valve opens and bleeds off excess pressure. The relief valve can be plumbed to return the bleed-off fuel to the storage container.

Model: 670042

Body Materials (wetted):  Aluminum

Diaphragm/Ball Material:  Viton / Acetal

Air Inlet NPT (F) in (mm): 1/4” (6.3 mm)

Fluid Inlet/Outlet Material in (mm): 1/4” (6) / 1/2” (13)

Suspended solids max. dia. in. (mm): 1/8” (3.3)

Max Flow gpm (L/min): 12 (45.4)