Pneumatic Valves

ARO offers a full line of pneumatic valves to meet all your needs. Valves are offered in configurations of 2-, 3-, and 4-Way, available with electric, manual, mechanical, and pneumatic actuators. Miniature to full size valves to fit any application. A line of accessory and specialty valves are also available.

50 / E / K / H Series

1/8”-1” NPT body ported 3 & 4-way manual, mechanical, solenoid and pilot actuator styles. Flows of 16-280 SCFM.

Alpha Series

A valve of versatile design, superb performance and numerous control options. Available in Body ported, Subbase, Stacking and Manifold mounted configurations. Bonded, precision ground spool resists wear and provides excellent shift response. 5 Control options available; Solenoid/Spring, Double Solenoid, Solenoid/Pilot, Pilot/Spring and Double Pilot. Optional external solenoid supply allows operation for vacuum service and low pressure applications.

Cat Series

CAT Series Valves are 3-Way direct acting solenoid valves. These are available as single station units, bar manifold or can be assembled as as stack. These valves are suitable for air or inert gas. CAT valves can be plumbed as 2-Way valve. Single and Stacking units are available as normally open or normally closed configurations. Bar manifolds are normally closed with 1/8” ports available in 2-16 stations.

Circuitry Valves and Limit Valves

A series of multiple purpose manual/mechanical and limit valves. Available with various actuators. 3-Way limit valves can be plumbed normally open or normally closed.

Flow Controls

A family of in-line composite body flow controls, needle valves, and check valves that are tough and corrision resistant. Four stage, tapered needle design provides infinite control. Tamper resistant locking ring prevents unwanted adjustments to the valves. These can be used in-line or be panel mounted. ARO’s 360 degree Swivel Right Angle Flow Controls are ready for installation on all ARO Cylinders.

MaxAir Series

MaxAir is a family of 2-way, 3-way, and 4 way solenoid, manual/mechanical actuated valves, constructed of Brass or light weight aluminum bodies. Solenoid valves are available as 120VAC, 24VDC, 24VAC, and 12VDC, either as direct acting or solenoid/pilot acting. Manual/mechanical valves offer various actuator options of roller levers, foot, palm buttons, selector knobs, and cam stems.

Premair Series

Premair Series is a lightweight, compact, 3-Way and 4-Way direct acting solenoid valves that are excellent for applications in packaging, food processing, material handling, woodworking and assembly. These 1/8” NPT ported valves are available as stand alone or can be stacked. A single end plate works on both the 3-Way and 4-Way valves allowing both valves to be combined in one stack. They are available with optional built-in flow controls, non-locking manual override, and with plug-in or lead wire options.

Sierra Series

Superior flow capacity, an unrivaled array of “real-world” design features and options, a valve body that is both ultra-compact and lightweight – yet exceptionally durable – this is Sierra 10, 15 and 18, the miniature valve with the maximum range. Both Serria 15 and 18 valve types available as body ported and manifold mounted. Sierra 10 is avilable as manifold mount only.

Specialty Valves

A selection of breather vents, mufflers, speed controls and shuttle valves and quick exhaust valves used to extended valve and cylidner life, provide sound deadening qualities, and control air flow on exhaust ports.