1/2" Ports


  • Unbalanced Air Valve Eliminates Stalling - Start it up, shut it down - no matter how often or how long, the IR Diaphragm Pump will start pumping every time.
  • No Lubrication Required - One less maintenance detail to log. No oil droplets to contaminate your process or work site. And, the IR Diaphragm is more forgiving in dirty air service.
  • Pumping Efficiency Remains Constant - Since IR Diaphragm Pumps contain no rotors, gears, vanes or pistons to wear out - there is no gradual decline in pump performance. And the IR "Unstallable" air valve uses less power to operate than competitive brands.
  • No Foaming or Shearing of Material - Process fluids enter and exit the IR Diaphragm Pump unchanged.
  • Variable Flow Rates - By simply adjusting air pressure to the pump, or restricting the discharge line, you have better, more precise control over your pumps flow rate - without pump damage.
  • Positive Priming Provides Easy Start-Ups - Internal pump fluid check valves are located close to the diaphragm chambers - assuring positive self-priming - even from dry start.
  • Runs Dry Without Damage - Because there are no sliding or close-fitting parts at risk - the IR Diaphragm Pump can run dry without damage.
  • Lightweight and Portable - Most IR Diaphragm Pumps can be carried from job to job with ease.
  • No Complex Controls - Unlike electric pumps, IR Diaphragm Pumps contain no wires, circuits, fuses or bypass controls to burn out and replace.